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Self-Care Yoga Nidra

In this special episode of the Mindful in Minutes podcast Kelly leads you through a full yoga nidra practice for self-care and restoration.

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Forgiveness Yoga Nidra

This week’s episode is the longest meditation that has ever been recorded for Mindful in Minutes. Use this Yoga Nidra practice to help you peel back the layers of your being, release those things that are holding you back from forgiveness and from your true self forgive yourself and others.

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Yoga Nidra For Renewal

In the 2nd take of the NYE yoga nidra Kelly re-records the popular class and releases it. In this extra long bonus episode Kelly takes you through a full yoga nidra practice brining you to your most relaxed state and then plants the seed of intention for renewal and becoming a clean slate for the new beginning that lies ahead.

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Self-Forgiveness Yoga Nidra

In this week’s episode of the Mindful in Minutes podcast Kelly leads you through a mini yoga nidra practice for self-forgiveness. Work on deeply planting the intention of forgiveness for yourself and all beings. At the beginning of the episode Kelly announces a big giveaway!

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True Self Yoga Nidra

Kelly is doing something new in this week’s episode. She is sharing her favorite practice Yoga Nidra. This is a long guided mediation that helps you to peel back the layers of your being and come to the true self where you then will set an intention that will continue to grow after the practice has finished. This is a longer episode, and the theme or intention of this week is to help build that bond between the you that you show the world and your true and most authentic self.

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