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Self-Compassion Meditation

This week’s meditation is designed to help you build compassion for yourself. Use this meditation to be kinder to yourself, be understanding and forgiving of your humaness.

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Manifest Confidence Meditation

Do you wish you had some more confidence in your life? Would you like to be able to step into your own light and shine? This manifest meditation helps you create confidence in your life and let it move through you with ease.

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Body Acceptance Meditation

This week’s meditation is one designed to help you accept and love your body exactly the way that it is. This is a personal gratitude practice that Kelly uses when she is not feeling confident in her body or needs a boost of body acceptance. In this meditation you go through all of your body parts and thank them for what they do and accept and love them the way that they are.

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I Am Enough Meditation

In this week’s episode of Mindful in Minutes Kelly leads you through a meditation that is inspired by one of her favorite mantras and those times when you feel unworthy or are having feelings of self-doubt. This guided meditation helps you cultivate feelings of worthiness and contentment for yourself and your life.

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