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Unconditional Self-Love Meditation

In this episode of the Mindful in Minutes podcast, Kelly takes you through a reimagined self-love meditation. In this practice you work on self-love in all of the layers of your being, and write words of affirmation and love on your soul.


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Self-Care Yoga Nidra

In this special episode of the Mindful in Minutes podcast Kelly leads you through a full yoga nidra practice for self-care and restoration.

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Body Recovery Meditation

In this episode of the Mindful in Minutes podcast Kelly takes you through a 10-minute meditation to help your body heal and recover after hard work like a workout, long travel days, or just a busy day that required your body to work hard for you. Relax and heal each part of your body and stimulate the natural recovery process with this guided meditation.

Raindrops Of Relaxation Meditation

Take a load off and relax with this week’s meditation. In this meditation Kelly guides you through a relaxing scene where you imagine all of your stress and worry washing away with raindrops. This is part of the self-care January series.

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