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Immunity Boosting Meditation

Stay healthy, and be kind everyone! In this week’s meditation Kelly leads you through a guided meditation that help to boost your immune system and manifest health into your life as you set the intention of releasing fear and anxiety and cultivating health and wellbeing.

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Spirit Guide Meditation Ft. Jina Seavall

It’s a guest meditation! This week one of Kelly’s personal teachers and guides shares a meditation to help you connect with your spirit guides. This guided meditation is one that Kelly personally does with Jina often and will help you reach a deeper state of understanding Jina Seavall is a past life regression and hypnosis practitioner and podcaster and can be found on her podcast Past Live & The Divine.

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A Meditation For Overwhelm

On this episode of the Mindful in Minutes podcast Kelly leads you through her personal favorite meditation for when you’re feeling overwhelmed. In this practice you will slow down, ground in, clear your mind and bust that overwhelm that is paralyzing you.

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Insomnia Relief Meditation

In this week’s episode Kelly walks you through a guided meditation for those times when you’re hit by insomnia. This 20 minute guided meditation helps to lull you back to sleep as you relax your body and soften your breath.

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Self-Esteem Meditation

In this episode Kelly leads you through a guided meditation that helps you quiet your inner critic and embrace who you are and where you are at.

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Mindful Morning Meditation

In the third episode of the mindfulness May series Kelly leads you through a morning mindfulness meditation where you welcome the morning and prepare yourself for an incredible day.

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Happiness Meditation

In this episode of the Mindful in Minutes podcast Kelly leads you through a happiness meditation that helps you not only cultivate the feeling of happiness, but to let it move through you and bring pure joy to your day.

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Resilience Meditation

On this week’s meditation Kelly leads you through a guided meditation designed to help you build your resilience and realize just how strong you truly are. This meditation also helps you to change the narrative around challenges so that you see them as transformations and not struggles.


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Work Break Meditation

This week’s meditation is to help you take a break when you’re working or studying and you need a break. Meditation has been show to improve work and school performance and helps you quiet the mind and focus.

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Meditation For Centering

This week’s meditation is for those times when you’re feeling frazzled, overwhelmed, and need to come back to center. Take a few minutes, breathe, and ground and center yourself with this meditation.

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