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Manifest Love Meditation

Season 4 kicks off with a meditation to help you attract more love in your life, and become a beacon of light. Experience deep gratitude for the love you have in your life and bring more into your life with abundance.

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Manifest Your Dreams Meditation

In this week’s episode Kelly helps you bring in the New Year with a meditation to help you manifest your dreams. In this guided meditation Kelly leads you through a practice to help you identify your dream, and then work towards manifesting it into reality in the upcoming year.

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Manifest Joy Meditation

In the first meditation of Joy-luy Kelly leads you through a meditation that will help you manifest joy into your life and you relax, renew, and rebuild the joy that may be missing from your life.

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Meditation For Abundance

In this week’s episode Kelly leads you through a meditation for abundance. Paint a clear picture of what you need in life, open yourself up, and let the universe bring you what you need. This is a manifestation meditation to help you raise your vibration and attract what you need.

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