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Throat Chakra Meditation

In this week’s episode of the MIM podcast, Kelly leads you through a guided meditation designed to open your throat chakra, and help you to find your voice and speak your truth.

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Kelly’s Gratitude Meditation

This episode marks the 2 year anniversary and also the 100th episode of the Mindful in Minutes podcast. To celebrate Kelly is sharing a total gratitude meditation dedicated to all of the listeners.

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Total Gratitude Meditation

In this final episode in the mindfulness May series Kelly leads you through a total gratitude meditation to help you cultivate gratitude for everything that you have in life. This is also the last meditation in season 2 of the Mindful in Minutes podcast.

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Sick Day Meditation

In the final mediation of self-care January we have a sick day meditation. This meditation is used for those times when you’re feeling under the weather, injured, or just in need of some healing. Use this meditation to stimulate your body’s natural healing process while you relax and restore.

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Evening Relaxation Meditation

An exclusive evening relaxation meditation to help you unwind physically, mentally, and emotionally. This audio is an exclusive release from the 7-day meditation challenge. Get ready to feel relaxed and restored with this meditation.

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Gratitude Meditation

This week on Mindful in Minutes Kelly shares a meditation for gratitude that was designed exclusively for her New Year’s yoga and meditation retreat. This meditation is all about finding gratitude for all of the things around you and of course yourself! This meditation also includes a guided relaxation technique called the 61 points.

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