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Relaxation Meditation

In this week’s episode Kelly walks you through a guided relaxation meditation. This meditation will help your body and mind relax. Kelly starts with a body relaxation technique that will allow you to soften and physically release tension and then moves on to guided imagery that will help the rest of you relax. Return feeling restored and renewed!

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Grounding Meditation

Feeling scattered, unsure of what to do, or unable to pin yourself down and get things done. In this week’s episode Kelly leads you through a deeply grounding meditation that will leave you feeling safe, secure, and grounded.

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How To Spread Daily Kindness

In this episode of Mindful moments Kelly talks about how she tries to have positive interactions with people. She describes her experience of intentionally sharing kindness with others and small ways that you can start to spread kindness daily. Please rate, review, and share!


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Morning Affirmation Meditation

Weekend edition of Mindful in Minutes- the morning affirmation meditation. This 9 minute meditation wakes you up, prepares you for a wonderful day, and starts your morning with positive affirmations to set you up for success. Please rate and review and share with your friends! help us share the power of meditation with others!


Yoga For You


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Full Body Relaxation Meditation

In the first episode of Mindful in Minutes Kelly leads you through a full body relaxation meditation. Release all physical tension, surrender to the sensation of relaxation and be at peace. This meditation is less than 15 minutes and will help you unwind anytime you feel stressed or tense.

Mindful in Minutes is a guided meditation podcast that comes out every Monday!

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BONUS-How To Start A Meditation Practice

How do I start a meditation practice? In this first Mindful Moments episode Kelly shares her strategy for beginning a meditation practice. She always discusses the benefits of meditating as well as her personal story of she she started her meditation practice. This is a special bonus episode.

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Minisode 1- Breath awareness meditation

Full episodes begin October 30th, but until then enjoy this minisode guided meditation. This is a breath awareness meditation that helps you become aware of the sensation of breath as you relax and unwind. Just find a comfortable position and release and relax!

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