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Evening Rescue Meditation

Today’s episode is an evening rescue meditation. It is a short guided meditation that will help you fall back asleep if you wake up in the middle of the night or you are having a hard time falling asleep. It combines breath technique with visualization to relax the body and encourage you to go back to sleep. Please rate, review, and share.


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Loving Kindness Meditation

Today’s meditation is a loving kindness meditation that is designed to help you spread love from your heart to the hearts of others and yourself. It is a meditation that helps you let go of hurt and hate in your heart and instead fill it with love instead. This is a very strong and powerful meditation. This meditation was inspired by the T.W.I.M meditation that Kelly studied with Bhante Vimalaramsi. It is a style of Metta meditation. More info on Bhante can be found below.

Bhante Vimalaramsi and Dhamma Sukha Meditation Center

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Morning Affirmation Meditation

Weekend edition of Mindful in Minutes- the morning affirmation meditation. This 9 minute meditation wakes you up, prepares you for a wonderful day, and starts your morning with positive affirmations to set you up for success. Please rate and review and share with your friends! help us share the power of meditation with others!


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