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Honesty Meditation

This week’s meditation in a meditation to help you be honest with others and yourself. In this guided meditation Kelly leads you through imagery where you relax your body, open your heart, and let the truth flow from your heart and head and out into the world. This meditation is based on the Yama Satya- truthfulness.


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Frustration Meditation

In this episode of the Mindful in Minutes podcast Kelly helps you release frustration. Use guided imagery to let go of what is irritating you and holding you back, and reveal your true open, relaxed, and joyful self.

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Chakra Meditation With Brett Larkin

On this week’s guest meditation episode Youtuber, master yoga and meditation teacher, and friend of Kelly’s, Brett Larkin, shares a chakra meditation with us. In this meditation Brett walks you through each chakra and helps you connect deeper with it.

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Body Recovery Meditation

In this episode of the Mindful in Minutes podcast Kelly takes you through a 10-minute meditation to help your body heal and recover after hard work like a workout, long travel days, or just a busy day that required your body to work hard for you. Relax and heal each part of your body and stimulate the natural recovery process with this guided meditation.

Unleash Your Courage Meditation

In this LIVE episode of the Mindful in Minutes podcast Kelly shares a meditation from her meditation retreat in Peru. This meditation helps you unlock your courage, dig deep and help you be brave.

Safe From Anxiety Meditation

In this guided meditation Kelly leads you through relaxation and breath techniques that helps stop anxiety in it’s tracks, then she leads you to a safe space within that will protect you from the storm around you and your anxiety.

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Midday break meditation

It’s time to take a break! This meditation is by listener request for those times when you need to take a mental and physical break from work. This guided meditation wakes up your body, mind, and heart- then lets you relax and unwind so that you can return to your day with a clear mind and a clean slate.

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Manifest Joy Meditation

In the first meditation of Joy-luy Kelly leads you through a meditation that will help you manifest joy into your life and you relax, renew, and rebuild the joy that may be missing from your life.

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Kelly’s Story

In this bonus episode of Mindful in Minutes Kelly talks organically about her story, how she got into meditation and yoga, and what inspired her to create this podcast.

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Total Gratitude Meditation

In this final episode in the mindfulness May series Kelly leads you through a total gratitude meditation to help you cultivate gratitude for everything that you have in life. This is also the last meditation in season 2 of the Mindful in Minutes podcast.

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