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The Anatomy of Anxiety + How To Deal With It

In this special freeform episode of the Mindful in Minutes podcast Kelly talks to you about the anatomy of anxiety, her own personal struggle to find peace, and shares her favorite practices and tricks for quieting the anxiety in your life. Kelly breaks down the physiological and neurological changes that can happen with a consistent meditation practice, and gives you a THRILLING anatomy lesson.

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Insomnia Relief Meditation

In this week’s episode Kelly walks you through a guided meditation for those times when you’re hit by insomnia. This 20 minute guided meditation helps to lull you back to sleep as you relax your body and soften your breath.

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Belly Breath Meditation

This week’s episode is an exclusive meditation from the 31 day meditation, which you can still join today. Use this meditation to slow down, unwind, and relax while you focus on your breath. This simple but effective meditation is great for anytime you need to slow down and unwind.

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Instant Energy Meditation

Need a little pick me up? Use this meditation to awaken and boost your energy when you are feeling down and sluggish.

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Soul Revitalizing Meditation

Renew and revitalize your soul with this guided meditation. Relax and take a journey into a rainforest with a healing crystal cave that uplifts your soul.

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My Meditation Teacher Journey + 31 Day Meditation Wrap Up

In this episode Kelly talks about her biggest takeaways and lessons learned from a daily meditation practice as she wraps up the 31 days meditation challenge. Then she shares her honest story about how she became a meditation teacher, and when she knew it was time to begin teaching teachers and design an online course.

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